Yoga Poses for Mom and Baby

Finding time to work out after having a little one join the family can be challenging, especially if it’s your first. Trying to establish a new routine while trying to keep a tiny baby safe can be nothing short of overwhelming. As your body starts to heal and you get used to the new human in your life you may find yourself trying to figure out ways you can work in a work out between their feedings and nap times. However, what you might not realize is that there are plenty of yoga poses you can do with your baby that can help you both interact together; building strength for you and motor skills for them. Here are a few of my favorites!

Poses for Mom:

Goddess Squat: Goddess Squat is great for stretching out your hips, strengthening core muscles, and increasing your circulation. To perform Goddess with your baby, spread your feet about 3 feet apart with your feet pointing outward. Hold your baby so they are looking out the same direction you are facing. Exhale and then bend your knees. For your safety keep your knees directly over your ankles. Inhale as you straighten your legs to your starting position.

Legs up the wall pose: This pose is done exactly how it sounds. You’re going to lay down on the ground with your feet up a wall. Make sure your hips are as close to the wall as you can get them. Depending on how old your baby is they can either sit up on you or lay on your chest. This position doesn’t necessarily build up a lot of strength but has a variety of benefits for the postnatal mama. It relieves insomnia, migraines, varicose veins, and even digestive problems. It also helps to calm your mind!

Poses/Activities for Baby:

Baby Planet: This pose I found from the “Yoga Buddies” workout from FitPregnancy and loved how it focused on the baby. Baby planets are a fun way to get your baby moving his or her limbs and help you to bond with them because you focus on looking at her face. Lay your baby on a mat or blanket and sit up straight in front of them with your legs crossed. From here it’s all about baby! First touch her forehead with your finger and sing “North Pole.” Then touch her little feet and sing “South Pole.” Next take her left arm and extend it outwards saying, “West Coast.” Then do the same move with her right arm saying, “East Coast.” Lastly, gently hold your baby’s hands and mover her arms together over her chest and sing “Inside,” then move her arms outwards and sing “outside.” There are some benefits to mom with this pose. Sitting up straight with good posture helps strengthen your lower back and core.

Baby Elevators: A baby elevator is essentially a weight lifting exercise with a squat. Start out with your feet hip width apart, and hold your baby at chest level, facing you. Bend your knees into a squat position, then as you straighten out your legs lift your baby up. This is a fantastic move because it works everything from your core to your arms. The baby bonus is that your little one will have so much fun being lifted in the air!

These are just a few of the poses out there you can try with your baby! I think the hardest thing I’ve experienced being a mom so far is remembering that to take care of your baby, you must take care of yourself. These poses are a great way to mind yourself but still involve your baby. What other poses have you tried?