The First Series and Detoxification

Don’t skip the primary yoga series and those beginning sequence yoga poses even though they might be hard! The tradition of Ashtanga yoga and variations on this style have a history of including detoxification as the main goal at the beginning of the class and in the beginner level classes. The goal is to detoxify the mind, body, and spirit and initiate your spiritual journey in the practice. 

How does it cleanse? 

The poses are designed to detoxify the body and the nervous system. Subtly they open energy channels, called nadis, by removing stagnant energy blockages. This increase in life force energy called prana, allows your mind and body to work better together!

Muscle tissue makes up the internal organs and like other muscles, it can help in increasing blood flow and easing tension. Each pose progression targets a different detoxification process in the body. 

1. Forward Bends twists

Forward bend and twist poses help your body cleanse. Some great poses to try are standing forward fold with legs together and apart, revolved triangle pose, half spinal-twist pose, downward-facing dog pose, intense side stretch pose, revolved side angle pose, seated forward bend. 

This helps massage the liver, spleen, and kidneys by folding in half moves stagnant blood through the organs. Twist poses especially stimulate the digestion and elimination process which frees up the body to focus on other issues. pinal twist pose also stimulates the kidney which purifies the blood filter waste out of the blood, maintains homeostasis in the body and more. 

2. Yoga Inversions

Yoga inversion cleanses the body in a different way. Poses include dolphin pose, headstand, shoulder stand, and handstand. 

Yoga inversions help detoxify the body through lymph flow. By going upside down in a yoga inversion, you reverse the direction of lymph to the direction of carrying out toxins and impurities. This is an example of how gravity can sometimes slow the process of toxin elimination. Second, inversions regulate the endocrine system by stimulating the pituitary gland. 

Yoga inversions flush fresh nutrients and oxygen to the upper half of the body. By inverting your body you can also aid digestion as the stool has gravity’s help to move and the pressure on the digestive tract walls stimulates the stomach muscles to contract, aiding digestion. 

Other Benefits and Poses

Yoga helps us to understand that not only do we need to remove toxins but toxic emotions as well. It goes back to a natural reflex to tighten up our hips, curl our knees in and hide when faced with an attack. Knowing this is helpful because that means that if we stretch that area we release this agitated energy and make room to feel good.

Poses that assist you in stretching your hips are triangle pose, child’s pose, wide-angle seated forward bend, and sleeping pigeon pose.

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