Exercises that complement your yoga workout

While it’s tempting to do one form of exercise because you get comfortable with it and get into an easy routine, it’s important to vary up what you do each day. You can make yoga your primary form of exercise, but you’ll want to sprinkle in some other things to make sure you are getting well balanced physical activity each week. If you do the same routines each day, over time your muscles will get used to them and they won’t be challenged or strengthened. You can always change up the type of yoga workouts you do, but it would also be advantageous to include different types of workouts.

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Here are a few suggestions for workouts that would help you build strength and keep your muscles on your toes.

Cardio – Many yoga workouts don’t emphasize cardio and getting your heart rate up. Even classes with an emphasis on movement and flow don’t get your heart going the way running or biking can. Try incorporating a run, bike, or even a hike. There are also yoga fusion classes that incorporate cardio activities like dance and these are a great way to get some cardio in during your week.

Kickboxing – Yoga is often a great way to destress and work through stressful thoughts. However, it is a more meditative way to handle your stress while kickboxing is more high energy and aggressive. It’s a good option when you’re feeling a little too fired up to settle yourself into a more relaxed meditative state. It also helps build strength and cardio.

Slacklining and tight-ropingSlacklining and tight-roping both require great strength and focus, similar to yoga. Incorporating these into your workouts will help you to work on balance which will help improve balance in your yoga practice. They aren’t the most typical types of workouts, but they are definitely a fun way to bring something different into your routine.

Interval Training – I love interval training because of the variety you get while working out and how much it pushes you. It helps with yoga because many of the workouts you perform work on balance, synchronization, and strength. You can do workouts for as short as 20 minutes or as long as 45 minutes, and you just do bursts of exercises for a set amount of time with breaks in between.

Strength Training – In yoga, you use your weight to hold poses and build strength. To help improve your ability to hold your own bodyweight you can incorporate strength training into your workouts. It will improve your ability to hold poses longer and your overall endurance during class.

As they say, variety is the spice of life. Incorporating different workouts will help strengthen your muscles so they won’t get used to doing the same exercises every day. You may also find enjoyment in learning new types of exercises and trying something new may get you excited about working out again. I hope you enjoy these suggestions and enjoy branching out of your normal routine!