Body Mind Connection

Numerous ancient cultures recognized and frequently leaned on the mind-body connection for healing and treating illnesses. This key knowledge to approaching disease in a more holistic way, however, was to a large extent lost due to the predominant Westernized line of thought that encroached many regions of our world. Luckily, ancient medical practices are far from being timeworn and have been for some time; beginning to resurface once again. In fact, science is every day closer to finding more tangible proof of this connection that many of our ancestors were certain of thousands of years ago when the thought of a microscope came more as a joke than as an actual possibility.   

Mind-body medicine recognizes the connection of all mind, body, spirit and the environment with which we interact on our day today. Health is not seen as the well-being of our heart, lungs, digestive or respiratory systems; it is rather seen as a state in which all elements of our life including our relationships, emotions, thoughts, diet, routine and so on remain in balance.
Research carried out by neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh in 2016 managed to find proof on how “stress, depression and other mental states can alter organ function, and show that there is a real anatomical basis for psychosomatic illnesses” (The Science Explorer, 2016). This definitely explains how some people have managed to miraculously recover from serious cases of cancer at stages in which healing seemed theoretically impossible for many mainstream medical practitioners.   

The research doesn’t stop there though, apparently, these scientists were likewise able to find out how meditation, yoga, and Pilates can be “helpful in modulating the body’s responses to physical, mental and emotional stress” (The Science Explorer, 2016). A fact that allows us to further appreciate the power and benefits associated with these practices. 

If you have recently visited the doctor you have probably noticed that rather than treating a whole individual, they only focus on treating the so annoying stomach ache, the pink rash that appeared on your skin out of nowhere or perhaps the head that has been giving you those severe headaches. Sometimes doctors don’t even examine you but stay stuck in the piece of paper showing your latest blood tests. Once they have sort of figured out what is going on, they go ahead and prescribe you some pills that numb out your symptoms so you can visit them again in a few months’ time.
Although this article’s objective is by no means aiming at discrediting every conventional medical practitioner out there, it does want to provide readers with a true sense of empowerment; giving you the feeling that you are the master of not only your thoughts, words, and actions, but also of your health, wellbeing and overall life. 

So whenever you happen to have that harsh migraine, throat ache or whatever, remember to look within yourself to find limiting and blocking emotions, thoughts or beliefs; as well as to search outside for similar toxic environments, relationships or circumstances. The power of healing will always be in your hands. 


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